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On 3 September 1939, shortly after the war started, the Bloody Sunday incident occurred; while both German and Polish civilians died during the fighting, Nazi propaganda used the German deaths and named the incident Bloody Sunday as a pretext for lethal reprisals against the Polish population following occupation of the city by German troops on 9 September.

In 1555, however, due to pressure by the clergy, the Jews were expelled and came back only with the annexion to Prussia in 1772.Bydgoszcz is an architecturally rich city, with neo-gothic, neo-baroque, neoclassicist, modernist and Art Nouveau styles present, for which it earned a nickname Little Berlin.There are also a number of other Polish place-names which make use of the 'goszcz' suffix: i.e. Bydgoszcz, however, has a long, rich history of etymological change: in 1239 known as Bidgosciam, in 1242 as castrum quod Budegosta vulgariter nuncupatur (castle, which is colloquially called Bydgoszcza), in 1279 as Bidgoscha, since 1558 as Bydgoszcz, that is, until the 16th century, and as Bydgoszcza "fishing village or campsite belonging to Bydgosta".With Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Nations in 1815, the town was returned to Prussia as part of the autonomous Grand Duchy of Posen (Poznań).In 1871 the Province of Posen, along with the rest of the Kingdom of Prussia, became part of the newly formed German Empire.

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